Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite Things: Beauty

I can't believe its been a month since my last post! Sorry guys! I actually have tons of updates that I'd like to do. First and foremost is the trip to Maria's church where we donated money given by my family's church in Calhoun, TN - video, pictures, tons of fun! Second, my parents have been here since March 9 and we've had the best time. We've been to Kruger and Cape Town and they are headed back to us from Zambia after a 2nd honeymoon to Victoria Falls. They arrive tomorrow in Pretoria and then we're headed to Swaziland! Woohoo!

In the mean time, I'm stealing an idea from Pioneer Woman (I also love C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint!) and posting some of my favorite things. I'm inspired by some recent beauty finds...

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer: My hair is curly, yet I almost always wear it straight as its not curly enough to really go curly. However, this product makes my curls amazing. No, it doesn't need to be paired with the shampoo and conditioner to get great results. If you have unmanageable curls, try this. You can buy a little $7 bottle to see if you like it. I promise - its worth every penny.

Curly hair tips: I comb my hair either before or during my shower so its not tangly. That way, once I towel my hair off, it should fall to my part. I then lightly scrunch my hair with the curl enhancer and dry with a diffuser. The thing with curly hair - don't touch it too much or else it will be frizzy frizzy.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother: Repeat: my hair is curly, yet I almost always wear it straight. This is an amazing product that I smooth on my hair before drying. It really makes it easier to dry my hair straight and it makes it look so much better. Again, you don't necessarily need to pair this with the shampoo and conditioner to get great results.

Straight hair tips: I have really long, thick, fine, colored hair. In order to keep it healthy and not dry it out, I don't wash my hair every day. Its true. Don't think I'm gross! To dry my hair, I let it dry most of the way and then dry in sections with a regular brush. Once dry, I use big hot rollers so that my has some volume and the ends are curled under. I then use my flat-iron to iron out any crazy pieces. On the 2nd day, I simply brush my hair with baby powder and use the flat-iron to iron out any crazy pieces. Easy peasy and no one ever knows its actually dirty.

Note: For shampoo and conditioner, I'm a suave professionals girl. I really love their products and think they make my hair great!

Philosophy Time on Your Hands: I am ashamed to admit that in order to keep my feet smooth, I use a pedegg. No, its not the real pedegg, but one my mom got off QVC or something. It works - really. As stupid as the infomercial is, the product really works. The pedegg combined with Time on Your Hands on my feet = incredibly smooth feet. I love it.

To finish off the pedicure, I swear by Seche Vite dry fast top coat. It will make any nail polish errors go away and makes the pedi last and last. It really makes you look like you just had a professional pedi. It also dries super fast. Incredible product I've sworn by for over 10 years.
Lancome l'Extreme mascara: Amazing. Fake lashes in a tube. Woohoo!

Tend Skin: Ingrown hairs be gone! This stuff works like a charm.

Certain Dri: I once had a problem with hyperhydrosis. This means that I used to sweat for no good reason under my arms at all times. It could be freezing cold and I could be sitting absolutely still and I would be sweating like I just ran a 10K. Not cool for a high schooler. Not cool at all. If you suffer from inexplicable sweating at all times (note: this does not apply to working out - you should sweat then! its good for you!), try this. It will change your life!

As for my skin care regimen, with very sensitive, dry skin, I use the same beauty regime I've used since I was 18: Noxzema to wash my face, Clinique super defense moisturizer with SPF 30, and every now, a scrub with St. Ive's apricot scrub. Sooner or later, I should probably invest in a night cream and/or use any of the several tubes of eye cream that I have at my disposal. In the mean time, this is my standard. I also use Dove Sensitive Skin body wash plus Curel for extra dry skin. Works for me.

That's it for now! Will do a cooking favorite things soon!