Thursday, October 15, 2009


THIS is what I found on my dryer this morning!

Its official. I live in Africa.

This scary critter is what's known as a baboon spider. This was the inspiration for the spider in Lord of the Rings. Seriously. Tolkien was scared too.

I screamed so loud when I saw this spider that Will thought there was a dead body in our garage.

Happy birthday Will! Your wife is screaming bloody murder in the garage and you now have the responsibility of ridding your casa of this hairy beast. What a gift.

Dear Lord, please don't let me find one of these massive, hairy (and yet non-venomous) critters inside my house. ..


Evelyn & Floyd said...

and now i am officially much less jealous of your adventure.

Rachel D. said...


After years of arachniphobia, I **just** learned to make peace with spiders. Finding one of these things in my dryer? Would undo a solid year of peace-making efforts. Dear God. IT'S HAIRY.

Will and Valerie said...

The fact that I did not have on my glasses and could see from a distance that it was visibly hairy made me believe that my death with imminent.

And the fangs! THOSE FANGS! AHHHHH!