Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two more months and change...

We have two+ months left in lovely South Africa! I can't believe I've officially been here for over two years and haven't been back in my homeland since Obama became President.

Our friend Alex with his Obama fan pre-USA vs. Algeria!

World Cup was an amazing adventure and I apologize for my complete lack of blogging about how much fun we had. It was fantastic to see South Africa become this vibrant, friendly city with everyone cheering everyone else on. I soon found myself loving the sound of the vuvuzela and even learned to play it myself. Will and I were lucky enough to cheer on USA at multiple games, and essentially had a front row seat to Donovan's game winning goal against Algeria. We were truly plagued with World Cup fever!
Meeting up with some New Yorkers prior to the USA vs. England game - fun!

Right after the winning goal at the USA vs. Algeria game! YAY!!!

July was spent saying goodbye to a bunch of our friends. I've been told to say, "So long for now..." but believe me - its hard. I really miss all the great friends we made here. There's something to be said for having folks to commiserate about the life we've happened to share in SA. The only bonus in saying goodbye is that now I have friends posted all over the world that I can go visit! Ha!

Will and I have mega travel plans over the next two weeks. I want to take advantage of our remaining time here as much as possible, which for me means one word: SAFARI. We're headed to a rustic bush camp this weekend (no electricity! no running water!) and to be honest, I'm really looking forward to the experience. Fingers crossed for lots of game sightings!

The following week I'm headed back to Mozambique for work and Will is coming with me. Its actually the most under-planned trip I've ever had. We have no idea what we'll be doing or where we'll go while we're there, but its exciting - here's hoping for beach time!!! Not to lay out or swim, but just to relax and watch the sunset. Nice. Will says we may snorkel, which I've never done!

After these two trips, we still blessedly have 3 trips left, with a 4th pending:
-- Tiger fishing in KZN
-- A final (romantic!) Kruger adventure to two camps: Kapama Buffalo Camp and Sabi Sabi Little Bush camp - high hopes for leopard sightings!
-- One last trip to Cape Town - winery stays, Kalk Bay (fourth time = the charm!), and lots and lots of dining out at the top restaurants in South Africa such as Rust en Vrede and Grande Provence (maybe even Nobu again!)

I will try to be better at posting between now and our return home in October. Stay tuned!

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