Saturday, February 21, 2009

Soccer Team!

This morning Maria gave me a letter from a friend in Eesterust, someone we met at Christmas. She has organized a soccer team thanks to the soccer balls that we gave them at Christmas. The boys are having such a fun time playing soccer and "have dreams of becoming David Beckham." I can't wait to go and cheer them on!

However, because the team is new, they are in need of all sorts of items to make them an official team, which include:

  • Soccer jerseys
  • Soccer shorts
  • Professional soccer balls (the ones we gave them aren't tough enough for the league)
  • Goalie gloves
  • First Aid kit

These are the things they asked for, but I'm sure they are also in need of shin guards, socks, and shoes. The boys range in age from 6-12.

The community has asked Will, Heidi, Bryan, and I to help out with this task. If we help them, we get to name the team. Fun!

I'm posting this in case any of my fantastic readers would like to contribute to this great cause. They are many, many ways that you can help!

(1) Look around your house - do you have any of the items above that you would be willing to give away? Maybe an older pair of goalies gloves from your AYSO years? Maybe pair after pair after pair of soccer socks that you will never wear again... Even if you have some items that could contribute to a first aid kit (ace bandage, instant ice pack, band-aids, neosporin), that would be great.

(2) Buy up some of the items above (just reply to this post so there aren't duplicate items) and send through the diplomatic pouch for the cost of shipping something domestically. I'm sure that Wal-Mart, Sam's, and maybe even the dollar store have some of the items above (I wish we had dollar stores here...).

(3) Send a check for whatever amount you want, which I will put to use in purchasing these items for the kids (I'll even share receipts with you if you want for charitable tax purposes).

(4) Send cards or letters to these great boys and let them know you're cheering them on from the states.

(5) If soccer isn't your favorite thing but you still want to help out the wonderful orphans in this community, there are so many things that you could send that they would appreciate greatly. We're coming up on winter and their homes do not have heat. Any warm items (gloves, hats, etc.) that are going on sale in stores back in the U.S. would be really beneficial. A crate of Ramen Noodles would be fantastic and would offer a warm meal on a cold night. Books (easy readers, coloring books, paint-by-number), art supplies, dolls, toys, etc. - these kids range in age and they would appreciate anything and everything. Again, the dollar store or the Target $1 spot may have items that the kids would appreciate.

Of course, once this gets up and running, pictures will be posted soon... but for now, here are their beautiful faces!

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