Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Victoria Falls!

The very top of Victoria Falls! I'm taking these pictures during the middle of rainy season so my visit to the falls is VERY different from when I visited during dry season. Enjoy!

Here I am, nice and dry!

The falls! The spray is so great that I can't see very far down the gorge or to the bottom! And the one thing you may not get from these pictures is the sound - it is so loud! They call the falls Mosi-o-tunya, which means "The Smoke that Thunders." You can see the "smoke" from the falls for miles and miles during rainy season.

I put this picture in to show the contrast of when I visited in September 2005. Believe it or not, I'm standing in the same place in both pictures. You can see how great the spray is and how much more water is coming over. Crazy huh?

All of these pictures will be a bit blurry due to the spray. Its like being in an absolute downpour! It is absolutely amazing, breathtaking, and truly indescribable.

In order to see the entire length of the Zambian side of the falls, you have to cross this bridge, which at this time of the year is COVERED in about an inch of water. As we crossed the bridge, gusts of wind and spray came in every direction! The best part was that if you're scared of heights, you can't see anything if you look down.

Again, same place, different times of the year! I was soaking wet on our trip into the park to see the falls. Note to self: "You will get wet on this ride!"

The road going into Zimbabwe from Zambia. See how everyone is carrying what they can into the Zimbabwe...

Enjoying sundowners (and drying off!) at the Royal Livingstone

The monkeys love to steal fruit from drinks.

Don't let looks deceive you: this baby monkey is a THIEF.

Monkeys, monkeys everywhere!!!

This little guy had his eye on me...

A beautiful sunset!

I know several of you REALLY want to visit Victoria Falls. I feel like I've seen them at two extremes. To be honest with you, I'm not sure which one I think is better since they are so different.

I loved seeing the falls in dry season as you really could see how great the ravine is that the falls spill over. It is so steep and so long, its just amazing to me. It really makes you wonder how the earth split apart to create the falls. Its also nice to walk in and out of the park bone dry. The only bad things about going during the dry season are obviously not seeing the true falls and all the baboons that roam around the trails in the park (and are very aggressive).

I am so thankful for the opportunity to see the falls during the rainy season. The sound, the spray, the sheer amount of water spilling over that grate ravine - its incredible! It was also fun to don a poncho and get so incredibly soaking wet, all because of a waterfall! The rainbows were beautiful and no baboons could be found in the rain. I missed seeing the ravine because I think its just so stunning but at the same time, it was replaced with an incredibly stunning view.

Perhaps what I'm saying is - there's no bad time to go to the falls!!!

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Kate said...

YAY! That's fabulous!I recognize some of those spots myself and it's amazing how much they change! Glad you are spending time with Caroline! I think I may steal your picture and put you guys in my office. Hope you're having a wonderful time!!