Saturday, September 27, 2008


I found it! American product paradise!

We went to a new SuperSpar and found TONS of American products!

*insert a squealing, hopping up-and-down happy dance from Valerie that scared the locals here*

My first find? Old El Paso fat free refried beans. Not just refried beans, FAT FREE refried beans - my fave! Back home, one of my favorite quick and easy meals is a whole wheat tortilla with FF refried beans and guacamole. Three ingredient easiness and now I have it here!

It was honestly an Old El Paso fiesta. They had every kit imaginable (fajita, soft taco, chicken soft taco, supreme taco stuffers, stand-up-on-their-own tacos) plus taco seasoning, salsa, refried beans (original and fat free), two kinds of enchilada sauce, and even real tortillas. YUM.

Then it got better. As I wandered through the aisles, I found other American products, such as:
  • Snack pack (even fat free snack packs! YUM!)
  • Moon pies (even mini moon pies - I've never seen those at home!)
  • Skippy Peanut Butter
  • Squeezable Smuckers jelly (weird, no?)
  • Hunt's spaghetti sauces
  • Bertolli sauces
  • Bertolli pesto sauce (just like what I used at home!)
  • French's mustard (THANK GOODNESS!)
  • Magic shell for ice cream!
  • All sorts of Hershey syrups and ice cream cones
  • Texas Pete, Tabasco sauce, even Jack Daniels BBQ sauce
  • Oreos
  • A can of something labeled Mexican chili beans (we'll see if that's true...)

To make things even better, I wandered down the Asian aisle and found absolutely every ingredient that I needed to make yummy Thai dishes! Light and dark soy sauces, hoisin sauce, all different sizes of rice noodles, kaffir lime leaves, and even the Sambol Olek. The only thing I'm missing now is rice wrappers, but I can order those online.

YAY! It could have only been better had I seen a big package of Orbit Bubblemint gum or Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies!

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