Friday, September 26, 2008

Something new...

So last night I decided to try my hand at cooking Thai food. I adore Thai food. I could eat it every day and have been known to do just that. I love sweet basil rolls, pad see ew, tom kha gai soup, spicy basil chicken with rice, and all sorts of other yummies. However, my favorite dish by a landslide is drunken noodles (pad kee mao) - rice noodles stir-fried with veggies and egg. Even though the Thai restaurant just opened here, I felt it was time for me to try and make my own at home.

I scoured the internet and landed on this recipe, which looked easy to follow. Surprisingly, I was able to find the oyster sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, rice noodles, and thai bird chilies at our local grocery store. I could not find the Sambol Olek, so I just used regular ground chili instead. I also only found skinny rice noodles so I may buy the wide ones off We forgot to defrost some chicken, so I used an extra egg and also added broccoli, mushrooms, and baby corn.

Surprisingly, this was easy to make and very yummy (especially the baby corn - YUM). My version didn't come out as spicy as I would like or as saucy. I am 100% unfamiliar with Thai sauces so I'm not certain which one I should have used more of (oyster? fish?) or if there was another sauce missing from the recipe that would have added the flavor I was looking for. I would highly recommend this recipe as a way to use up veggies that are about to go past their fresh date in your fridge. Will really enjoyed the meal and so did I.

Next try? The Thai Basil Rolls with peanut sauce above, my favorite thing to eat on a hot summer day! Just need to find some hoisin sauce and bean sprouts... and rice wrappers. And peanut butter. And peanuts. Hmmm.

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Chelsea Jaccard said...

ALWAYS use more oyster sauce... have you smelled fish sauce?? I usually use a Tablespoon, max of fish sauce, but tons of oyster sauce, I LOVE oyster sauce. I'm also convinced that I used to be Thai in a former life. :)