Saturday, September 27, 2008

Week 8 is great!

What a week. It was so nice to have Wednesday off right in the middle of the work week!

On Tuesday, me and the newlywed girls opted for a Girls' Night Out! We went out to dinner at this swanky place with couches and gauzy curtains outside and split a Mediterranean platter (calamari, grilled haloumi cheese, tzatziki and pita, hummus dip, chicken kebabs, fried eggplant, and salad) and a Big Blue seafood platter (grilled prawns, grilled Kingklip, grilled calamari, mussels, and fries). It was so yummy. Since we split appetizer plates, it wasn't very expensive at all, and it was so nice to eat seafood! We then went and saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, which was so cute!

On Wednesday, we had breakfast with Adam & Beth at the yummy lebanese cafe. They had amazing sundried tomato & feta quiche. I am going back tonight to hopefully purchase a cheesecake to take to Jodi & Brendan's house for dinner. On Wednesday night, we went over to A&B's house to celebrate National Braai Day. Will cooked up guinea fowl that our friend Brian caught, but they took so long to cook they weren't even ready by 10:00. Instead, we had steak, green beans, mushrooms & onions, and bread. Will also cooked some ribs but they were so sweet, I didn't eat them. While the guys cooked, the girls watched SATC: The Movie. It was just as good, if not better, than my first time seeing it.

We brought the dogs for a doggy playdate as Adam & Beth also have two chocolate labs (although theirs are much smaller and much calmer than crazy Muddy). I must say - the dogs were crazy, but they had a great time with each other and they were all so sleepy by the time we were ready to go home.

Last night we went to Kiefer Sutherland's cousin's house for a braai. I think Will found his hero in James Sutherland. We had a good time and ate strange things like warthog sausage (tasted like Hillshire Farms smoked sausage - really!) and kudu steak, but it was a good time. They really only do meat and grilled bread for a braai, which is so strange to me - no salad, no fruit, no veggies - just meat and bread.

Tonight we have dinner with the newlyweds and tomorrow we are planning on attending a new church. Other than that, no big plans beyond relaxing. On Monday, we get our 7,200 pound shipment of stuff! I can't wait to get all my clothes, pots & pans, and other fun stuff.

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