Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cape Town pics, part 1

On the very private Diaz Beach at the Cape of Good Hope


One of my many attempts to catch the waves breaking on the rocks. This one is okay...

The very massive and steep 90 degree angle sand dune we had to climb down to get to Diaz Beach.

The very very steep and long climb up the mountain (after climbing up the sand dune) to get back to the top of the mountain. Notice - no hand rails!

The steep way down to the bottom - view from the top! Stairs plus sand dune = beautiful beach time!

View from the top (Diaz Beach is behind us on the right)

We walked all the way from where we were down to that private beach. Very worth it but quite the work out!

Cape of Good Hope - where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean!

You can barely see the white lighthouse at Cape Point...

Will and Steph pose at Fair View winery.

A happy goat in the top of his tower at Fair View!

Just for mom and dad: a picture of flowers AND birds at the top of Table Mountain!

It was so cloudy when we went up to Table Mountain, but oh so fabulous!

Cloudy times at the top of Table Mountain

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