Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Christmas pictures!

The sweet sweet grandmas. We found out they want to throw us an anniversary party with lots of singing and dancing! Can't wait!

These little guys were so cute trying to figure out the Christmas crackers!

Cute! A crown from the Christmas cracker (and yes, a WWF tshirt)

Will being Santa and Maria at the mic and all the bags we organized and tied up to give out!

These kids loved the bouncy castle!

Maria's daughter LOVES my sunglasses.

Me and Maria!

My favorite painting from Tanzania that I had framed here plus our family photos!

Our Christmas tree - it turned out to be quite a UGA tree!

"The stockings were hung by the bar with care..."
*Check out the zebra rug in the background!*

My favorite nativity scene: made of banana leaves and from Tanzania!
Thanks Stephanie!

All of my nativity scenes - 4 in total!

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Sharkbear said...

Those pictures are fun!