Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A friend of Will's offered up his place to stay in Durban for the weekend so we jumped on it. We found flights for cheap and flew down for the weekend. The condo was great in the fact that it had E!, which I happily watched as a marathon. It was far from the beach, but comfortable.

The guys went deep sea fishing and caught all types of tuna. We ate it every which-a-way - sushi (I'm terrible at making rice), fried fish, grilled fish, you name it! There's nothing as good as fresh tuna.

Incredible (rough) surf


Awesome succulent flowers

Sardine bait

Love that Will touches bait (which means I don't)...


The guys attempting to fish in the massive surf...

Once they gave up on fishing (incredibly windy and rough surf!),
they decided to try body surfing.
Notice how tall those waves are...

This adventure ended shortly after this pic.

Amazing beach houses! Holy smokes!

Will fishing - how beauitful and remote!

A little tide pool I found on the other side of the rocky hill in the pic above...

My foot steps leading up the hill...

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