Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mosethla Bush Camp - Madikwe

Apologies for not posting for 7 months (can't believe that). My make-up gift will be lots and lots and LOTS of pics instead! So let's start at the very beginning: our trip to Mosethla Bush Camp in Madikwe. Madikwe is only 4 hours from Pretoria (compared to the usual 6+ hour drive to Kruger). The Bush Camp was offering a winter special and we jumped on it for one of our last long weekends.

Here's what you need to know first and foremost: The Bush Camp has no electricity or running water. However, I didn't really notice that at all. Our room was comfortable and cute - a little tree house with a big comfy bed and flaps for windows. We had a little dresser, a carafe of water, towels, and a flashlight. What else do you need? There was an actual toilet - you just don't flush it. To shower, you heat up your water in a donkey boiler and then put it in a bucket overhead that has a shower attachment. Honestly, not bad at all. Meals were served over campfire and was some of the best food I've ever had in South Africa. Nights were spent around the bonfire, reading Herman Charles Bosman under that amazing sky full of stars. Bonus: we met fab new friends, Kerry and Ruth, here and had great times with them. I would totally recommend staying here as we really felt like we were "roughing it" in the African bush, but still had plenty of amenities to make us feel right at home.

But most importantly: the game. Madikwe is a private reserve. You can't just drive in. You have to be an overnight guest to come into the park. This is VERY different from Kruger, and a huge plus in my book. The rangers all work together on sightings, taking turns. This means that you are ensured to see something because everyone is helping each other out. Loved it. Below are just a few pics of some of our favorite sightings while we were there!

I love love LOVE the wild dogs. Aren't their ears so cute?
Muddy lays like this. How cute.

This is me being artsy.

Love an African sunset!


This baby elephant was checking us out and sniffing. What a cutie.

Mom with babies...

This is mom stampeding us away from her babies (yes, I kept shooting...)

Angry mom made a dust storm.

Hyena babies! Up until this point, hyenas creeped me out.
The baby hyenas changed my mind!

Look at that long neck!

Such a sweet little face

How cute are they playing? The older hyena is only a teenager. This isn't their mom.
The ranger said that the teenager is like the "babysitter" for these little cubs.
We never saw their parents.

Serious teeth.

Muddy does this too. Hi lion!

How sweet are these two male brothers?

Caught him licking!

Say cheese!!!

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