Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shayamoya Fishing Lodge

For Labor Day weekend, we decided to head southeast and go tiger fishing in Pongola. We had never been in this area of SA (which is almost in Swaziland!) and were super excited to try our hand at fishing. We've always enjoyed fishing together and while I had plenty to complain about in regards to our stay at the lodge and about our "fishing guides" (you can see my scathing review of Shayamoya Lodge on TripAdvisor), it was fantastic to be in the great outdoors with hubby. I wish we would have camped here and just rented a boat rather than going through the lodge. Oh well - it was my only negative travel experience in South Africa - I think that says a lot!

Enjoy some pics!

The mountains along the lake were incredibly beautiful. What a great sunset!


More sunrise and smoke on the water...

Our fishing vessel on day one

Will's tiger fish!

My only catch - a super ugly catfish.

A little offshore excursion...

More tiger fish - yay Will!

At the end of the day, how can you really complain when fishing on a beautiful river while watching a safari unfold on the shores of the river (rhino, kudu, warthog, you name it!).

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