Friday, October 3, 2008

Fast food!

I miss Chick-fil-a. I knew I would, but I really really do. Sweet tea, chicken biscuits, chik'n minis, even the spicy cool wrap. Yum.

In South Africa, there are three American fast food chains:
(1) McDonald's
(2) KFC
(3) Subway

To date, I have eaten at all three, even though back home, I very rarely eat at any of them! But I must admit - it was nice to get a taste of home.

Subway was just okay - I was starving so I got the meatball sub, except it was super weird so I didn't even finish my sandwich. Subway is really far out of the way so I doubt I will go back any time soon. It just smelled funny in there. ew.

One of my coworkers brought me KFC one day when I had to work through lunch. He brought me the "streetwise combo" (I think its a funny name!) which was a chicken leg and wing and fries. I must admit - it was AWESOME. I rarely enjoy chicken on the bone, but they do something different to the KFC chicken here because it was heavenly. Will had to try it and he agreed - it really is spectacular here. I'm not how sure how often I'll ever eat here, but yum.

Will and I tried McDonald's this weekend. I like overseas McDonald's just to see how they are different. I must report they have "corn cups" which are literally little plastic cups filled with corn kernels. Weird. Check out the website above for the pic. They also have the "McFeast Deluxe" and the "Grilled Chicken Foldover" which looks crazy scary.

We got a 4 count of chicken nuggets to try (weird - not the same as back home), a big mac (for Will - I have still never tried one!), and a quarter pounder with cheese. The QPC was fantastic, but next time I must ask for it without ketchup as the ketchup here is terrible. Most importantly, the fries were heaven on earth. We won't eat like this very often, but its nice to know we can get a greasy taste of home when we feel like it.

It appears that they do have sausage biscuits for breakfast, albeit on an english muffin. It may be worth a try to see if its the same sausage from back home (I doubt it...). But ooh yum, it looks like they have breakfast hash browns.

Neither KFC nor McDonald's has biscuits, I am very sad to report. Boo.

Yesterday I had South African fast food. There are several to choose from, including Steers, Something Fishy (craziest name for a restaurant ever), and Wimpy. I haven't tried any of these. My co-worker brought me Nando's, which was pretty all right, especially for a hungry girl who worked through lunch. It was a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato and fries. Thank goodness I keep packets of ketchup in my desk at work!

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