Saturday, October 11, 2008

photo mania!

So this is predominantly a photo entry of pics from our yard, per request of Momma Brock. Enjoy!

We *think* this is a fig tree. I am not sure why I can't get a non-blurry shot of it...

Birds of paradise. YAY!

Strange red furry tree plant we bought for the empty corner of the yard, paired with red thorny flowery thingy and other red flowers....

Yellow roses! YAY!

Our back patio with the Big Green Egg.

Our Land Rover Defender: Will's pride and joy (note the purple jacaranda tree behind the vehicle)

The picture above is of the newly added plants to our back yard as well as Victor's flower beds that he created around each plant with the rocks pulled from our pool area. I think he did a great job. And yes, that's Muddy in the background playing with his ball.

Strange red thorny plant that I really like!

This is a view of our bedroom balcony. I must admit, not the best pic.

One part of our herb garden, specifically our basil and mint and geraniums. They are growing like crazy here!

Tomatoes! One is supposed to be cherry tomatoes and the other regular tomatoes. We'll see.

Another view of the Defender

My Lantana that Victor helped me bring back to life after I mercilessly killed it. That's also a lavender plant on the right - we'll see if it takes.

My daisies, now slightly dead, but am hopeful will bring back to life and that they will spread...

Sanford says Hi.
Our office, where I'm sitting right now. Not the hugest room, but we like it.

Muddy says Hi.

Our guest room that is supposed to be our UGA room, once we get pics hung. Its different now that they brought two more twin beds so this bed has been turned into a king and the other twin is in Will's "man den." Please note that at present, we do not own any twin or king sheets and that we have company coming in less than two weeks. Ouch. We also don't know what on earth to do with the white desk in this picture, but will hopefully think up something soon as it is quite awkward here. Hmmm.

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Kate said...

looking at the view of your balcony I still have no idea how muddy got on the roof. You sure he's not a cat? Anyway, your yard is so pretty!!