Sunday, October 19, 2008


Even though I uploaded these to the last post, somehow they didn't make it! Anyway, here are the pics* from the whole point to Will's birthday fishing trip!

Rainbow trout!


Bass again.

Beautiful fishing hole in the mountains!

*please note that while it was kind of you to think that the author of this post was too busy with the camera to catch a fish like her hubs, it turns out all she was good at catching on this very windy day was algae and weeds. Ew. But to make myself feel better, here's proof I can catch a big fish, on a fly rod no less! (okay, so I caught a whitefish when we were fishing for trout, but still... it counts to me!)


Cheryl said...

Hey, I have that shirt! :) I miss AK.

Will and Valerie said...

I miss it too - and I want another shirt (in a different color)! Its my fave - so comfy.

Evelyn & Floyd said...

ummm, i just found your blog... don't ask what took me so long - i'm just SLOW! SOO fun though, i can't wait to keep up with all your adventures over there!