Monday, October 6, 2008


Our internet is out at home for unexplained reasons, which means my contact with you folks has been nil for the past few days.

We chose to get our internet through a separate provider than our phone service, Telkom, who only offers plans up to 3GB/month. Since we have the Slingbox, we knew we'd need much more than 3GB to download TV shows so we also use SAOL to get 10GB/month.

What this really means is - everyone blames everyone else when there's a problem. Luckily, we've been able to identify that the problem is the ADSL line provided by Telkom, not the equipment provided by SAOL, but yeeesh, what an absolute nightmare.

So, in sum, the truth is that all the pretty pictures I've snapped for you folks will take that much longer to post here. Boo! It will be worth it to see the snap of the 1970s dining hutch at least.

Friday night we decided to go see the Blue Bulls play rugby. It was their last game of the season and unfortunately, the first time it has rained since we've been here, which meant we sat in a pub and watched the game as opposed to actually paying the money to stand in the rain to watch a sport we don't understand. I think a wise choice, don't you? By the way, I think this is quite interesting. It almost makes the Dallas cowgirls look like innocent school girls... there was seriously a strip tease before the game started in the center of the field. Maybe its Dallas Cowgirls meets Coyote Ugly meets Striptease?

Saturday I got my hair cut and am happy to report, it looks pretty good. I thought about getting my hair colored, but then got nervous and bailed out for fear of having skunk-like highlights reminiscent of the crazy hair here. So... another time.

We decided to stay in on Saturday night and make spaghetti. Dyad came over for dinner and claimed it was the best salad and spaghetti he's ever had and he still liked it after we told him it was ostrich spaghetti. Heck yes. It was so nice to cook in my Le Creuset pot too. Yay!

Sunday was even lazier as we stayed in all day, reading and watching movies. I can report that I had no idea how different the Bridget Jones books are from the movies, but moly! They are quite different. I think I can safely say that this is an exception to the "book is always better than the movie" rule as I truly like the Bridget Jones movies better, especially The Edge of Reason. Actually, Sex and the City is a truly horrible book and the TV series/movie fantastic-o.

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