Thursday, October 9, 2008

random facts

Our internet is still out at home. Quote: "The new router will arrive today. If not today, then tomorrow." The router did not arrive today. sigh.

The Rand stands at R9 to the $1. That's the most its been since I've been here. When I first arrived in August, it stood at R7.5 to the $1. We bought the car at R8.2 = $1. Now R9 = $1. May I just say, WOW?

Since the Rand is so high, we ate at Ritrovo two nights in a row. Heck yes.

I am getting used to eating prawns with their heads on, but only if their bodies are already butterflied. Prawns are so big, it is kind of like eating a shrimp steak. I had prawns diablo last night at Ritrovo, which was served in a really spicy tomato sauce over parmesan risotto. YUM. To get an idea of what my meal looked like last night, go here.

I'm in love with this.

I just ate all my jalapeno cheddar GoldFish and there are no more now. Isn't it strange to live somewhere unfamiliar with GoldFish?

We are thinking we may go to Hartbeespoort Dam this weekend to peek around, shop, and maybe visit the Elephant Sanctuary.

On Monday, Will and I will travel east to stay here for Will's birthday. Trout fishing, hiking, and other fun awaits for a nice holiday away. Me = can't wait!

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Kate said...

1) who's link happy? I think valerie. :)

2) I think that hand stuff was on Oprah's favorite things one year. I'd be in love with it too. I think I need to try it.

3) That lodge looks awesome!! Hope you guys are having a great time!!